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To be a member

An eligible participant must meet the followings:

  • Malaysian
  • Has attained the age of eighteen years
  • Resident or have property or working in the Cooperative operations area, and A person who remains in force against a conviction for a registrable offense, or mentally incapacitated, or is not an undischarged bankrupt, or was expelled from membership of any society in a period of one year.
  • Application for membership shall be accompanied by the entry fee of RM10.00 and RM100.00 minimum capital charge.



The small retailer transformation programme (or Program Transformasi Kedai Runcit, Program TUKAR), is focused on assisting small retailers to modernize and remain competitive. It involves the upgrading of small retailers currently in business. Small retailers face a number of business and demographic trends that are affecting their revenue and in many cases their existence. Market research conducted by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) revealed that some small retailers face closure due to modern retailers (e.g. large-format operators) setting up shop in their vicinity

The modernization of small retailers can improve sales by up to 30 present. Increased sales result from attracting more customers, and customers spending more in the revamped stores that now offer a comfortable, modern, well-lit and clean environment with modern management and retailing techniques, similar to that of the large-format stores. This environment augments the small retailers’ advantage of being able to offer convenience by being located in the neighbourhood.

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