Training Entry Point
Gawri Karuppiah, KSMB
19th August, 2014

KSMB has been successfully championing the TUKAR and ATOM programmes introduced as the Entry Point Projects under the Wholesale and Retail National Key Economic Area (NKEA) of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) aspired by our prime minister YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

TUKAR (Transformasi Untuk Kedai Runcit) is one of KSMB’s core programme and it involves large multinational retailers such as Tesco and AEON Big helping traditional small retailers to modernize their stores. To date we have successfully transformed 65 shops in peninsular Malaysia.

KSMB has been monitoring the performance of the transformed shops and been continuously providing needful support to the operators. In conjunction with the upcoming GST implementation by our government, KSMB together with KPDNKK has decided to give a refreshment POS system training to the TUKAR shop operators. “SESI LATIHAN SISTEM TERMINAL JUALAN” was held on the 19th July 2014 at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam.

The training was given by Mr Dalbber Singh from STE-CCR Solution and supported by Ms Stephanie. The event kicked off with a presentation of theoretical information of the manual which was given to all the operators that includes screenshots of the POS system and key functionalities. It followed by the live demo to shows the actual POS system applications that are currently been used by the operators. This live demo gave a better understanding of the system to the operators and gained their confidence. There were many interactions between the speaker and the users which clearly indicated the interest of the operators to absorb knowledge and understanding of the system for their future reference.

Post to the lunch break, operators present were divided into 3 different groups and were given one to one hands on training on the POS system which was readily set up for that purpose by our trainers and KSMB staffs. The hands-on training was useful for the users to understand what was shown and taught during the presentations slides. While the first group was undergoing the hands-on training, the remaining groups were presented with a motivation talk by our speaker Mr. Sritharan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wordlabs Global.

We believe that the training was a successful agenda as the operators expressed their gratitude and happiness on been given the opportunity to attend this training which they found useful on their day to day basis in the shop. This training has definitely provided the users the importance of POS system. Users will have no worries on writing down the amount paid or items purchased. POS system is designed to assists users on accuracy upon scanning the items instead of the conventional way of punching in figures or writing it down on a piece of paper. It also provides analysis where users can manage inventory and analyze their sales pattern.

The training adjourned at 5.30 pm after an interactive questions and answers session which was then followed with a tea break. It was indeed a good beginning for more successful events to come for KSMB to provide more assistance and guidance for TUKAR participants.