The Economic Transformation Programme
Economic Transformation Programme

The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) is a comprehensive effort that will transform Malaysia into a high-income nation by 2020. Successful implementation of the ETP will see Malaysia’s economy undergo significant changes to resemble other developed nations. More than 3.3 million new jobs will be created by 2020, spread across the country in urban and rural areas. The programme provides strong focus on a few key growth engines: the 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs). These NKEAs are expected to make substantial contributions to Malaysia’s economic performance, and they will receive prioritized public investment and policy support. The ETP will be led by the private sector; the Government will primarily play the role of a facilitator. Most of the funding will come from the private sector (92 percent) with public sector investment being used as a catalyst to spark private sector participation.

To ensure the Malaysian Indian Community’s participant in the overall national transformation effort - becoming an inclusive, sustainable and higher income society

To induce and create a host of Malaysian Indian entrepreneurs who will continually contribute toward the Government’s effort to become a fully developed nation by the year 2020